Anchor Update Program
We're updating our Anchors, the little round connectors that come with Peak Design straps. Some versions of our old Anchors qualify for free replacement. Take this survey to determine if you need replacement Anchors. If you do, we'll send them to you right away and tell you how you can continue using your strap safely in the meantime.
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Good news, you do not need to update your Anchors. Continue using your PD straps, knowing your gear is 100% secure. Thank you for your support, and we're always here to field any questions or concerns.
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Done! Your Anchor update shipment is processing. We've had an enormous response and are working tirelessly to produce our second round of production. We'll notify you as soon as they're ready.

If you have further questions, check out our FAQ at or drop us a line at

— The PD Team
Anchor Update FAQ
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